-Curry Menu-


950 JPY

Dried Keema curry sauce over steamed rice, topped with Japanese seaweed (nori), honewort (mitsuba), apricot (ume) and sesame. By pouring hot, clear broth (dashi), you can eat it just like chazuke.


950 JPY

Served with simmered, tender wing sticks and Japanese radish, Toron comes in rich, spicy curry sauce over steamed rice. Enjoy the latest version of the world-famous Japanese curry and rice. 

1,100 JPY

Combination of Torori and Sarari

Based on Torori, this dish has dried Keema curry sauce on top.

Twice the sauce, double the taste! 


1,100 JPY

"Piriri" is a very spicy curry made from stewed beef curry. You can fully enjoy the rich umami of Kobe beef tendon and the sweetness of Kujo leek. Spices are blended with 10 types of Japanese spices such as Ichimi and Shichimi. Especially recommended for spicy food funs!


950 JPY

"Gorori" is a Japanese-style curry that does not use spicy spices. A large pork belly, potatoes and carrots were simmered soft enough to be easily unraveled with a spoon. You can feel the rich aroma of soup stock and the umami of meat and vegetables. Recommended for those who do not like spicy foods and children.

Combo Menu (11:30-15:00)

1,300 JPY

Your choice of the curry (Sarari, Torori or Torori with Keema), salad, and drink of your choice. (Add extra 150 yen for Torori with Keema) 

-Topping and Side Menu-

Soft-boiled Egg Marinated in Soy

100 JPY

It makes your curry milder and creamier. 

Grated Cheese

150 JPY

Handful Grana Padano cheese adds extra rich aroma and taste to your dish.


350 JPY

Enjoy our healthy tofu-and-vege salad with our home-made Japanese dressing.

-Drink List-

Sapporo Lagar Beer

Medium-sized bottle

650 JPY

Sapporo Lagar Beer

Small-sized bottle

500 JPY

Whisky and Soda

500 JPY

Hot Coffee

350 JPY

Mint Green Tea

350 JPY

Iced Cofee

350 JPY

Apple Juice

350 JPY

How to Enjoy the Shrimp Powder

When your dish is served, please try the shrimp powder on the table. Our home-made powder gives your curry an extra shrimp and nuts flavor.